a mob boss, a lawyer and a hit man all tied to one girl. What could go wrong?||The Last Straw [mini review]

arc copyRelease Date: November 25, 2017
Publisher: Creativia
Series: Duology
Format: Physical, 229 pages
Source: Publisher
Genre: thriller, mystery, crime, contemporary, adult
In the second installation of the Pigeon-Blood Red series, we follow the two storylines of Sara and Rico.After witnessing a carjacking, Sandra is silenced to testifying because she becomes targeted by a crimes boss. Her father tries to help her by recruiting Paul Elliot and attorney for advice, but her father is killed in the process, so Elliot attempts to protect Sandra while he tries to get to the bottom of who is after them. A hit-man named, Rico is hired to take Sandra out, but his code of ethics, not hurting women or children, stands in the way. Anyways he has his own problems as well, including dealing with his enemy, D’Angelo and trying to get justice for a friend of his. 
4 stars
As someone who is very picky in the type of mystery/thriller she reads, I was left pleasantly surprised with this particular story. Though The Last Straw is a simple and quick read with little twists it managed to keep me keep me up on my toes. What made the story so likeable is the fact that the plot is driven by the character and the relationship they develop throughout. The book does well with how it digs deep into each of the characters’ life and personality especially my baby, Rico. The characterization of Rico was my favorite part. Rico is shown as he truly is, from his dark side to his “good” side as well. The perfect anti-hero. dark side of Rico but her about There is some deaths and minor killing involved but nothing graphic that will turn anyone away. The ending was happier then what I would have intended it to be.

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